When people dedicate so much of their life to an organization, you wouldthink there would simply be better consideration and treatment of them. However,that is not always the case. As an HR professional, I have had to conductlayoffs a few times. One time I even got to give myself my own severanceletter!! Anyway, the way the process is handled can make all the difference inthe attitude and mental wellbeing of the person being let go. Sometimes isseems as if there is little consideration to this.
What type of impact do you think the manner in which a person is letgo makes to the overall productivity of the company in terms of production,quality, customer service, safety, etc? Also, does this type of issue have anyimpact on the company’s goodwill or reputation? Why or why not?        150-200 words is fine, USA source or from the textbook listed. Freshman college level HR class here.