Leadership Development Plan

Textbook: The Leadership Experience 6E Richard L. Draft

LeadershipDevelopment Plan LDP (100 Points): Throughout this course, you will have theopportunity to evaluate your own leadership style including your strengths andany weaknesses you might have.  You will solicit input from those aroundyou.   The purpose of this plan is to guide you over the next 2-3years as you develop your skills as a leader.  It is important that thisdocument is meaningful to you and therefore, you will have great flexibility indeveloping it.  The maximum length is 8-10 pages (double spaced) andshould include an introduction, a findings/discussion section (What did Ilearn about my core personality this semester? What are the implications?Opportunities? Challenges?) an action plan section (What am I committed todoing the next two years to enhance my leadership ability?) and aconclusion.  Your LDP will be assessed based on the followingcriteria:

Organization of Plan

Critical Elements/Points


1.  Introduction of who you are and how you become the person you are. In other words, what life experiences shaped your character?

Demonstrates understanding of values and environmental influences on leadership formation.  
20 %


2. Discussion of your beliefs about leadership. What values, attitudes, behaviors, and expectations do you hold about leadership?

Demonstrates awareness of beliefs, worldviews, and mental models on leadership.
15 %


3.  Discussion of what you learned about yourself through the self-assessments, strengths, opportunities, challenges?  

Demonstrates recognition of core personality traits and influences. 
30 %


4.  Discussion of what you are committed to doing over the next 2-3 years to improve your growth and development as a leadership.

Articulates commitment to action and outlines a plan
to improve leadership ability.
25 %


5.  Conclusion and closing comments

Recognition of the challenges ahead and your commitment to yourself to stay the course.  
10 %


Total Pages

8-10 pages Max


Points Available/Score