Leadership & Student-Athlete Developmen

Helping athletes to create their own goals and helping to guide them through the process of achieving these goals are important elements in coaching. For this reflection, students will:

Select one of your student-athletes to work on a personal goal setting activity.
Create a student-athlete evaluation form (or you may use an existing form) and complete an evaluation for this student-athlete.
Meet with this student-athlete to create a goal setting plan – short, medium and long-term goals with timelines.
Consider using the Goal Setting Lecture and attached worksheets to assist in this process.
Set up check-in meetings to follow up on progress.
Complete a reflection paper (3-5 pages) about this process – what you did well, what you could have done better, how you will enhance this process in the future. Include the evaluation of the student-athlete and your goal setting plan with this submission.

Make the reflection about and goal setting worksheet about basketball.