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i just need this esasay finished
1.Sensory details invoke multiple senses and creates a vivid picture of the story.
2.Masterfully uses multiple narrative techniques to develop plot, events, or characters.

3.Typed and double spaced in 12pt font. 2-3 pages of a Google Doc. Turned in on time.

-Instructions: Your task is to write a 2-3 page typed and double spaced short story. This can be from any of the ideas youve generated so far this year. (freewrites, plot ideas, character questionnaire). This should be a new story that uses dialogue, sensory details, or other techniques we have used so far this year. Your story should be written in 12pt font.

It began the summer of 2020 when me and some friends decided to play basketball on a hot summer day and I sprained my ankle. I still remember the feeling of the scorching heat on my face,feeling like I was going to melt. Thank god we had our bikes so the breeze from us riding the bike was hitting our faces perfectly. It was the first time any of us had gone outside in a while thanks to covid being present that year, so we were all almost exhausted by the time we got to our friend’s house.
   When we got there it was finally time to play basketball,we were all ready and anxious to see if we could still play after so long of being in quarantine. For the first game we decided to play a game of 21 first to get warmed up. It started off good, when we finished they all took a water bottle and drank it all I heard was their lips smacking from the refreshing drink. So I said can one of ya pass me a water bottle?, and my friend Elijah said yea I got you and I said thanks.
   Next I said let’s play two on two my friend said shoot for captain and I said ok bet we shot and all I saw was my friends shot go in. I said ok so its me and isaiah right they all said yea, then I said shoot for ball my friend akio said ok shot for it and he made it of course.