Literacy Assignment: Appraisal of a Qualitative Study

Please refere to attached files for grading rubric and for the Article which the paper is to 
be written on, also Table 4.2 from page 67. Thank you in advance 

The purpose of this assignment is to use the critical appraisal process to analyze a qualitative nursing research study.

Critically appraise a qualitative research study.
Interpret the findings of a qualitative research study for application to nursing practice or the nursing profession.


Read the assigned article.
Write a critical appraisal of the assigned qualitative research study. 

A critical appraisal of a research study is different than summarizing a research study. 
When critically appraising a research study, you are evaluating how well the study’s author(s) addressed each aspect of the research study.  
Use the critiquing questions identified in Table 4-2 Guide to a Focused Critique of Evidence Quality in a Qualitative Research Report 
on p. 67 in your textbook to critically appraise the study.

The appraisal must be between 3 – 4 pages in length (excluding the student title page and reference list).  
The critical appraisal must address the following aspects of the research study.

Write 1 to 2 paragraphs to appraise the methods, including the research design and the research tradition.  
Write 1 paragraph to evaluate the sample and setting.
Write 1 to 2 paragraphs to assess data collection.
Write 1 paragraph to appraise the procedures.
Write 1 paragraph to assess the enhancement of trustworthiness.
Write 1 paragraph to evaluate the results.
Write 1 paragraph to assess data analysis.
Write 1 to 2 paragraphs to appraise the findings.
Write a 1 paragraph summary assessment.

Follow the APA Style requirements for written assignments when writing this paper.

Review the APA resources if unfamiliar with how to create a student title page or use level 1 headings.
Include an introductory paragraph on the first page of text (body of the paper).

Submit this assignment as a word document or text entry.
Allow 8 – 12 hours to complete this assignment.

Assigned article: 
Hernandez, L., Leutwyler, H., Cataldo, J., Kanaya, A., Swislocki, A., & Chesla, C. (2019). Symptom experience of older adults with type 2 diabetes and diabetes-related distress. Nursing Research, 68(5), 374382.