Literary Analysis of Realism and Naturalism (2 sections 400 words each)

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Choose two of the prompts below to complete the Module 2 Writing Assignment, referring to the  Literary Analysis Assignment Rubric Each answer should be approximately 300-400 words (2/3 to 1 page long). Please copy and paste the writing prompt before each of your responses.

In what ways might one perceive Maggie as confined by her environment? How is Maggies potential confinement similar to/different from Edna’s confinement?
Why is the theater so inspiring and thought-provoking for Maggie? What significance does the theater have in terms of Maggies development through the story?
While both Maggie and The Yellow Wall-paper reveal environmental effects, the point-of-view also plays a major role. In what way(s) does the first-person, diary-like POV in The Yellow Wall-paper contribute to the effectiveness of the story in terms of showing us the effects of environment on the narrator?
In Londons To Build a Fire, we find a main character who strugglesquite literallyagainst nature and his environment. Does the narrator seem to have any more control over his fate than the other protagonists in the Naturalist unit? Why?/Why not?
In Why I Wrote The Yellow Wall-paper, Gilman explains her personal connections to the fictional short story but explains that, in The Yellow Wall-paper, there were embellishments and additions to help carry out the ideal and that she never had hallucinations or objections to [her] mural decorations (856). Discuss 1-2 such embellishments or additions and explain how they help to carry out the ideal that Gilman spells out in Why I Wrote The Yellow Wall-paper.

The following selections from the Realism and Naturalism section:

William Dean Howells, From Editors Study
Jack London, From What Life Means to Me

Stephen Crane

Stephen Crane: 1871-1900 (Note: this is a biography of the author).
Maggie: A Girl of the Streets

Jack London

Jack London: 1876-1916 (Note: this is a biography of the author).
To Build a Fire

Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Charlotte Perkins Gilman: 1860-1935 (Note: this is a biography of the author).
The Yellow Wall-paper
Why I Wrote The Yellow Wall-paper?