Literature Review -5

The response paper need not be tightly structuredaround a central thesis, but you should use specific textual evidence tosupport and illustrate your ideas.  Donot draw on outside sources; instead, offer your own interpretation of specificelements within the reading and provide insight on the overall significance youdiscover within the works. Citation: (MLA with in-text citation)

                 DavidMamet (page 999 -1034), Glengarry Glen Ross
Levine,Robert S. The Norton Anthology of American Literature. 9thed. Volumes D. ISBN-13: 9780393264555
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There is a famous film version of Glengarry GlenRoss, and Death of a Salesman has also been filmed multiple times.  Watch a scene from one of these films (viaYouTube or some other means) and discuss how the staging, performance,direction, music, and other visual or sound elements enhance or change themeaning of the text on the page.  Shouldthe filmed version itself be considered a form of literature with an existenceentirely independent of the script?