Literature Review

The draft of your review of the literature should demonstrate that you are successfully embarking on a topic of inquiry that has foundational knowledge as well as emerging research. For example, if all of your sources are “stale” (over 5 years or more) is this a legitimate area of inquiry that will allow you to offer credible and accurate information on the topic?As a reminder, the draft is only 5% of your score for the course. As such, don’t panic if your score isn’t ideal. However, because I provided a template and tip sheet for the assignment (posted to the course announcements page) I am much less lenient in terms of point deduction.Keep in mind the following:- Paper should be formatted in keeping with APA 7th edition- References & corresponding citations within your discussion should also be formatted in keeping with APA 7th edition – you should not include references for which there are no citations and vice versa- Make appropriate use of sub-section headers (properly formatted) for the Literature Review and Theoretical Framework sections of your paper. As a reminder, these two sections should be the longest parts of your paper.- In the Theoretical Framework section, ensure you have defined your variables generally and then as they apply to YOUR research (ex. IV=calories, which are defined as “fuel for the body” and measured by ____. The Independent variable’s relates to the Dependent variable by _____. – This should be much more fleshed out for your variables)- Hypotheses should be labeled appropriately using the Ho or Ha/H1 label and the Ho should be the “not” or negative statement and be the opposite of the alternate hypothesis- Avoid personalizing commentary in all of your discussion (ex. I, my, we, you, your, us, our, they, etc.).If any points were deducted, please look in the area(s) that were impacted (as well as the rubric feedback) and make adjustments accordingly.  It appears that, for whatever reason, you did not model your submission after the template that was provided on the course announcements page. This had a significantly negative impact on your scoring in several sections. Be sure to pay close attention to instructor emails, announcements, and feedback in order to have the best chances for successfully completing the course.