M1: Class Toolbox Discussion

M1: Class Toolbox DiscussionNo unread replies.No replies.InstructionsThis module’s Class Toolbox Discussion is focused on your developing understanding of trauma and trauma-informed social work.
Read Alex’s Case  Download Alex’s Case, and then respond to the prompts below.
Based on the case detailed above:
How do you understand Alex’s experience? Connect this to the readings for this module.What triggers can you identify in the environment?What changes in awareness, affect, and action result from the trigger (stimulus)?Identify the category of symptoms Alex manifests and give evidence. What skills would be useful in your efforts to work with Alex and his family?What tools do you take away from the readings on trauma-informed care?What are some of the concepts you found most useful and how would you apply them to your practice?Regarding application to your work with clients, if you knew then what you know now, how might you approach differently in a previous encounter? Include here any references to intergenerational trauma and how it contributes to your approach with your clients either past, present, or future.Develop a question or make an observation related to the Alex case, or a case where trauma-informed care would have been useful in your work, that you can pose to the class.