Managerial decision making

At this point in the course, you should have received a comprehensive education of the strategies, challenges, and opportunities within the topic of managerial decision-making. 
Write a 4–6-page paper that answers the following questions:
_  What is bounded awareness and bounded rationality?
_  How has overconfidence limited the success of business goals for companies and individuals?
_  How do emotions affect decision-making?
_  How should a manager approach be working with an employee who is perceived as “emotional”?
_  What are the potential issues that arise when a manager or organization escalates commitment to a previous plan, process, or program that has clearly failed?
_  What are the tools of value creation and how are they used today?  
Once you have addressed these questions, the remainder of your paper should be a synthesis of your findings in the form of a future plan of action for your professional journey. In this plan you should have a clear strategy for addressing future challenges using the best practices you learned in this course.