Managing Employees For Competitive Advantage

Mid-Term Essay covering Lessons 1 through 4. Note, do not plagiarize your answers and use your own voice by paraphrasing (a plagiarism violation will cost you not to receive credit for your answer(s)). Note: Paper template may be provided at the professor’s discretion.

Prepare a minimum of eight pages, not counting the title page and reference(s) page, MS Word document using APA 7th Edition guidelines. Again, the paper must include a title page, an introduction, the body, summary and conclusion paragraph(s), and a reference page that provides an overview of HR management. In addition, you will provide in APA headings the following resources below, no exceptions. The template provided for the Mid-Term will assist you in ensuring that you are meeting APA paper guidelines. Your goal in this project is to synthesize all your resources learned and demonstrate your knowledge by addressing, discussing, comparing, contrasting, interpreting, and distinguishing the following on your paper:

1 Managing Employees For Competitive Advantage

2 HR ChallengesManage Organizational Demands and Environmental InfluencesManage Regulatory Issues

3 Work Design and Workforce PlanningManage Job Design and Job AnalysisWorkforce Planning

4 Managing Employee CompetenciesRecruitmentSelection