Mao Zedong and the Four Pests Campaign

> Final project (shared with Course A, 50 points)
Students will be required to work on a 15-page research project, on a topic previously approved by the
instructors. This research project will account for the remaining 50% of the student’s final grade. The
paper is due on the last week of class and will be presented by the student at the end of the course.
The topic will require an integration of the following:
• A focus on a major policy made by a decision-maker
• Examples include foreign policy, military, domestic, economic, etc:
• “Decision of Putin to interfere in Western elections”
• “Why Nixon went to China: An assessment of the risks and
• “Mitch McConnell’s decision to refuse a hearing on Obama’s
Supreme Court nominee”
• “Jerome Powell and the pending decision on interest rates”
• A dissection of the decision-making strategy
Final project guidelines: A critical success factor continues to be the ability to write clearly, concisely,
and creatively. Times New Roman style 12-points font, double-spaced, references should follow the
Chicago Style guidelines