Provide examples of: 

Both in-store and online companies are enhancing the shopping experience today with different forms of RETAIL-TAINMENT (as discussed in lecture covering CHs 15/16). Provide a researched example of something a marketer has implemented in regard to this within the past few years and discuss how it provides value. Provide references immediately following your answer. 
Provide a researched example of an instance where a company has had publicity/public relations over the past few years. Describe the purpose and content of the news and what media it appeared in. From your perspective, what impact did it have on the company involved? Again, provide references immediately following your answer. (Note: Many firms like ALLY (lecture Part 1 CH 17) have a press room on their website- (Links to an external site.) – where you can obtain company stakeholder news. And, there were two links mentioned in CH 17 lectures that you can use to obtain examples: (Links to an external site.) and (Links to an external site.) 
Insert an image of an ad for a company that was in the media within the past few years. Which of the four communication objectives discussed in Ch 17 does the ad focus on? What ad appeal is being used? Do you think the ad is/was effective? What advertising agencies, media companies, etc. did the firm partner with to develop its marketing communications? (Refer to ALLY example in CH 17) Again, provide references immediately following your answer. 

Any company within any industry can be used to answer the questions above, but a different company should be used for each question. 
All questions should be answered and submitted together in no more than a three page, single-spaced, proofread & spellchecked document. Question three will require the inclusion of a supporting image/media file and you may decide to include images to support your answers to other questions as well. It is alright if your insertion of images/media causes you to surpass three pages. 
Evaluation Criteria (each question) 
Correct English: Proper Language/Syntax/Grammar ____ of 0-3 points 
Properly Research: Recent & Factual w/ References ____ of 0-3 points 
Content: Strength of insights re: marketing       ____ of 0-9 points