Marketing Plan

he plan should be word-processed and include all charts, graphs, visuals, schedules, etc. The plan should total 20-22 pages in length.  
topic – Turo – Jeep Rental 

Title Page

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

1-2 page summary of all marketing plan highlights.

Strategic Situation Summary 

A summary of the strategic situation for the planning
unit (business unit, market segment, product line,
etc.)  This should include a comprehensive analysis
of the external environmental factors (thoroughly explain and analyze the opportunities and threats), the industry trends and the key competitors (including Porter’s Five Forces of Competition). The analysis should culminate in a SWOT analysis.

Target Market(s) Description

Define and describe each major market segment, including customer profiles, customer preferences and buying habits, size and growth estimates, distribution channels. One or more target markets should be identified and justified.

Objectives and Strategies for the Target Market(s)

Set objectives for the target market (such as market position, sales, and profits) over a 3-5 year time span. Be sure that each objective is specific, results-oriented, and measurable and incorporates a timeframe.  Also, state the marketing strategies recommended accomplishing those objectives.  

Marketing Position and Mix Summary

State how management can utilize the elements of the marketing mix to achieve an advantageous and sustainable competitive position relative to the competition in the mind of the target market. 

Product – set tactics for new products, product improvements, and product deletions.

Distribution strategy – indicate the tactics to be used for each distribution channel, including role of middlemen, assistance and support provided, and specific activities planned.

Price strategy – specify the role of price in the marketing mix and the recommended actions regarding price.

Promotion – indicate the planned actions for advertising, publicity, Internet, personal selling and sales promotion.

Marketing research – identify information needs and planned projects, objectives, estimated costs, and timetable

Coordination with other business functions – specify the responsibilities and activities of other departments that have an important influence on the success of the planned marketing strategy

Sales Forecast and Expense Budget

Forecast sales and profit for the marketing plan, and prepare the budget for accomplishing the forecast.  Be sure to include supporting rationale for development of the sales forecast.

Implementation Plan

Develop a calendar displaying the implementation plan, identifying key actions, checkpoints and responsible parties who will participate in execution of the marketing plan.

VIII. Summary
Summarizes key points from the marketing plan, comments on risks/rewards and next steps.

IX. References
APA citations for sources of information.  A minimum of 5 supporting sources required.

X. Appendix

NOTE: A framework for marketing plan development can be found in the course text, A Preface to Marketing Management (14th Ed), Peter and Donnelly.