MARKETING PLAN REPORT Due: Week 13 Submit to: The Marketing Plan submission

Due: Week 13
Submit to: The Marketing Plan submission folder. Submission folders can be accessed by selecting Course Tools and then Assignments on the course navigation bar
Rationale: Write a marketing plan for a specific business or organization that supports that company’s strategies, identifies opportunities and uses practical, action-oriented tactics to capitalize on them.
Task Description: You will develop a Marketing Plan for a new menu item for A&W Restaurant Canada to be sold in store. As the Marketing Coordinator for A&W, you were tasked with finding a new item for them to bring to market, and now you must document your strategy and tactics in a marketing plan. Your new product must have a clear target market, and you will either develop a “me-too” item to get in on an important trend, or you will create a uniquely branded item with clear differentiation and positioning in the market. The product will be test marketed in the Waterloo Region. The Marketing Plan will be due during week 13 of the course.
Directions: Your plan will adhere to the following Table of Contents and will utilize PowerPoint report format.
Title Page
Executive Summary
The Business Challenge (Company)
A brief description of the offering and the goals of the plan. This section serves as an introduction. “Increase seasonal sales revenue by 5% for the 2022 spring/summer season by developing and introducing a new item to the menu.”
The Market (Company)
Customers: Who are they, and what do they need? (Target Market)
Company Analysis: Your firm’s strengths and weaknesses relative to this market and offering.
Competitors: Who are they, and what are they doing?
Business Climate: The business climate includes the opportunities and threats caused by environmental forces.
SWOT analysis
Marketing Strategy (new item)
The Strategy: Why did you choose the strategy you did? Consider including a brief description of alternatives that were considered and discarded.
Minimum of two marketing objective(s) for the new menu item.
Target Market, Market Segment, and persona for new item.
Positioning statement for the new item.
Marketing Program (new item)
The Product Offering: Provide details on the features and benefits of the offering, as well as its pricing options.
The Communication Plan: How will the offering be launched? What will the ongoing communication strategies be? This section is likely to be broad. $25,000 media budget for the Region of Waterloo.
Distribution: How will the offering be sold? Who will sell it? Who will ship it? Who will service it? Note: there are 7 stores located in the Waterloo Region (2 in Cambridge, 2 in Waterloo and 3 in Kitchener).
Pricing: Provide details about the overall pricing approach for the chain, as well as your plan for setting a price for the new menu item. How are you positioning the product, note the pricing implications of that positioning and the potential price approach you will take.
Marketing Implementation Plan (new item)
Investment: Provide details about the budget needed to launch and maintain the new menu offering. Annual franchise sales forecasts for the Waterloo Region are approximately $2,950,000 as each franchise location contributes sales between $300,000 and $500,000 depending upon the location. The organization typically spends between 2.6% to 3.2% of annual revenue on marketing for the year. The franchises in the Waterloo region (7 stores) have been allocated $25,000 total for media buying for the new menu launch for the spring/summer season. Determine how, where and on what, you will allocate the new menu media budget. The company is expecting that the New Menu item will add an overall 5% revenue increase to the spring/ summer season.
Schedule: Provide details of specific deadlines for the creation and execution of marketing activities.
Other resources required. Could include sample media creations.
References and Appendices
All sources must be cited in the body of the report.
All sources must be listed at the end of the report.
Include any support material in the appendix.
Written Report requirements:
Soft copy submission – The marketing plan is prepared as a PowerPoint business document and submitted to the assignments folder. Up to 25 slides, including title page, table of contents, references, and appendices. Please see Marketing exemplar for an example.
Citations and references must be APA format – For a full guide, see .
Submissions must include title page, headings, branded slide deck, references, and appendices (as required).
All submissions will be automatically submitted to Turnitin for originality checking (plagiarism).
A grade of zero will be given to projects without referencing/citing and sourcing (bibliography).
Assignments submitted past the due date and time will receive a grade of zero.
Rubric: A rubric has been created and can be found attached to the submission folder. Submission folders can be accessed by selecting Course Tools and the Assignments on the course navigation bar.