Media Analysis

1. Find at least six newspaper or magazine articles dealing with criminal justice. Inselecting the articles make sure that they deal with crime control (any topic fromthis 1100 class or higher is appropriate). Examples of appropriate articles include:stories about issues or controversies related to criminal justice, editorials aboutcriminal justice in the newspaper, or newspaper coverage of how various politicalcandidates deal with crime.2. In your folder, include the article and your reaction to it. Reactions should be onetyped page and use 12 font. In it, you need to connect the topic in the media accountwith something that you have learned in this class. For example, you might critiquea newspapers editorial on crime in light of what youve learned in this course. Donot just summarize the articles. One implication is that you may not wish to analyzean article about a topic unless we have covered the topic in a class