mental health of nurses

You will submit a Research Project Paper this semester, worth 20% of your total grade in this course. To better assist you, this paper will be divided into three submissions. Part 1 (Topic) and Part 2 (Literature Review) will each be worth 5% of the course grade (one-fourth of your project grade each). The Final Completed Paper will be worth 10% of the course grade (one-half of your project grade).
Part 1 (Topic)
 Sign up for one of six available topics on this Excel Sheet:, your name will be saved automatically. As you can see, these are broad topics. You are going to be asked to stay within that topic but your research should hone in on a more specific area. This is so you can be creative and so you can better your appraisal skills. For example, falls could look into patients in an assisted living versus in an acute setting and their injuries. Look for an area that generates enough information to guide your entire paper (15-20 pages worth).
Part 1 (Topic)
The first submission will include the title page (which is why you need your topic), an introduction, and a reference page all in APA. You should not cite all 10 articles in your introduction, but I would like to see your references in order to see what direction you are going in, that you are utilizing acceptable articles and, of course, that you are citing correctly.
As you can see from the rubric, you will need to list 3 reasons on the significance this topic has to nursing and/or research. Mention the population and the research question in order to receive full points for the introduction of this study. Part 1 will be graded according to the following rubric: