Module 2 Chapter 2 Discussion: Doing the Right Thing in Business

Analyze the role of American businesses in influencing ethical behavior and social responsibility in global markets.
Assignment objective:
Students will describe an unethical situation experienced in business and what “doing the right thing” would have meant in that situation. Students will also identify commonly held rationalizations that applied to the situation.

Write a minimum of four (4) well written, well developed paragraphs (20 points)

Describe an unethical situation you have experienced working in a business. (Consider referring to the business in general terms instead of by name if you wish.) If you have not worked, use a situation related to education, to a business you have interacted with, or use a hypothetical situation that is meaningful to you. 

Read pages 24-25 of the textbook, and identify four stakeholders in the situation you described including what their interests are in the ethical operation of the organization or example.

Identify which of the “four commonly held rationalizations that can lead to misconduct” on pages 32-33 you think most applied to your situation and explain the reason for your answer.

Explain your perspective of what “doing the right thing” would have been in this situation and add well thought through points from the text that you agree with in your own words or cited correctly.

Check your work  CAREFULLY to ensure you have demonstrated a clear understanding of the related textbook content in your writing and review the linked rubric for grading guidelines. Thoroughly edit your work to ensure it is well thought out, well developed, well organized, and edited for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Posting will be reduced up to 15% if not written at college level English. If you include other sources besides the textbook, carefully cite your work in MLA style at the end of your post.

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For the final 5 points of the assignment, first read other students posts, then respond  with well thought out and well developed replies to two other student postings with a comment building on an idea, pointing out a useful point, making a suggestion, or agreeing with an approach.

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