Module 6

In your discussion post this week you are a restaurant manager. The food buyer and chef are blaming each other for the low quality of steak dinners. The chef claims that the buyer is purchasing inferior meat. The buyer contends that the chefs employees are abusing the product. In a 300 word discussion post explain how you solve this conflict? 

Post your initial response of at least 300 words early in the week and check back often to continue the discussion about your resolution to this conflict. Your primary discussion post must be well written, and you should include any references that you used to create your response. Your initial post must be made before 11:59 PM on Thursday of week six.

Do not copy and paste information from their website or other online source as outlined in the Collin College Student Handbook. Finally, be sure to include at least one reference in your initial post. The reference must be from an academic or scholarly source carried by the Collin College Library or other professional and scholarly references.