Module Four Activity Template Complete all parts of this template by replacing

Module Four Activity Template
Complete all parts of this template by replacing the bracketed text with your responses and submit for grading and feedback.
Draft an academic personal mission statement in the box below. Do the following in your draft:
Write a sentence or two summarizing your purpose for pursuing higher education and your proposed graduation date.
Write a sentence or two summarizing the type of professional you wish to become in your career.
Write a sentence or two summarizing how you hope to enhance your community or profession with your degree.
[I aspire to employ skills acquired in academics to offset an illustrious career that will enable me to provide a better life for my family and positively impact society. I hope to achieve academic excellence and acquire meaningful networks by June 2026, when I graduate
I aspire to be a cyber security expert. I will be responsible for protecting individuals’ and organizations’ information from external threats that jeopardize their safety and integrity.
I hope to ensure the privacy and safety of all individuals in the community and their information by enhancing systems that protect private data and information. I also hope to learn how to employ artificial intelligence in cyber security to ensure more efficiency and accuracy in the profession and to develop a solid network of similar-minded scholars for impactful learning that will be of positive consequence to society and family.]
Draft three SMART academic goals relating to your academic personal mission statement. These goals should be achievable in the next six months (short-term). Consider the following as you create your goals:
How will each goal help you achieve your mission? 
How will you know you’ve been successful in meeting each goal? 
When do you intend to complete each goal? 
[I would like to achieve a GPA of 3.8 by the end of six months. To achieve this, I will dedicate 5 hours per week to reading credible books and other research material about foundational cyber security principles to fully understand academic information in class. I will do weekly exercises on the topics learned and use results from the teacher’s assignments to gauge my performance.]
[I will also dedicate four hours every week to develop connections and create at least three new acquaintances in the cyber security field and the larger Information Technology discipline for positive academic and professional prospects. I will record the number of connections I made weekly to identify my progress.]
[I intend to improve my time management capacity by cutting four hours used in non-impactful activities such as social media, movies, and daily idling. This will ensure that I attend to all my academic and co-curricular activities for good academic performance. I will record every time I engage in these non-impactful activities with and without standby academic and co-curricular engagements to make adjustments.]