Movie Analysis of Mental Health Issue un Movie

MOVIE- Postcards From the Edge
 Postcards from the Edge is a 1990 American comedy-drama film directed by Mike Nichols

For this project you will write a 5 page paper (double-spaced, type-written, 12-point font) using the guidelines below.  Your paper must be a minimum of 5 pages, not including title page or reference page 

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What do you observe about the person, their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors?  Please focus on a single character within the film that displays a mental illness.  If there is more than one character with a mental illness (i.e., “Girl Interrupted”), please focus on the primary character.   

According to the definition(s) presented in both the lecture and the reading, is this person acting abnormal (i.e., “4 Big D’s” – distressful, deviant, dysfunctional, and dangerous)?  What are their difficulties?
Is a diagnosis given in the film?  Is it correct?  How was it made?  How would you alter the diagnosis?  What do you think the diagnosis is?
What are the primary (“most important”), predisposing (“making someone liable or inclined to a specified attitude, action, or condition”), or precipitating (“an event or situation – typically one that is bad or undesirable – that causes something to happen suddenly, unexpectedly, or prematurely”) causes of the person’s disturbance?
How does the person’s history (i.e., their past experiences) relate to their disturbance?  If the person’s history is not known, clearly stated, or shown in the film, what do you believe may have been a potential experience or event within the person’s history that might have contributed to the onset or exacerbation of their mental illness?
Take a particular model of causality (e.g., biological, psychodynamic, cognitive, sociocultural, behavioral, and/or human-existential) and apply it to the known or possible cause of the mental illness.