Murakami Hard boiled wonderland and the end of the world

What is ONE character from the novel (or a group of related characters) that tested or challenged your understanding of how language works and why? Choose one character (or a group of related characters) you would like to analyze, and then choose specific examples from the novel that you will use to help you illustrate what this character means to you. You will also need to explain why this character was CHALLENGING for you to understand.

Examples of characters you can focus on:

The Protagonists: the Calcutec and the Dreamreader (or even the Shadow since he was once a part of the Dreamreader)
The Townspeople: the Gatekeeper, the Colonel, and the Power Station man, and the Librarian (all coming into the life of the Dreamreader in some way or another).
The animals: the beasts, unicorns, the birds, and the INKlings
The objects: the paperclips, the water, the skulls, the alcohol (so much of it!)
The places: Tokyo, the Town, and all the smaller places in between (such as the Calcutec’s apartment)
Those at war for information: the scientist, the System, the Factory, Junior and Big Boy
Those on the sidelines: the Librarians and the chubby granddaughter.