Negotiation (Introduction to Mediation) assignment

For this assignment, is about write an “Introduction to Mediation” script that you could use during the introduction stage of a mediation. This is a script that you, as a mediator, would give in the beginning of a mediation to the parties. Write this assignment in the form of a speech, keeping in mind who your audience is (the parties and possibly their attorneys).Your speech must cover:1. A welcome – you need to welcome the participants to the process, identify the parties, and determine how each party prefers to be addressed during the mediation. Include how you would like to be addressed as well.2. Describe the purpose of mediation and the advantages over other methods of dispute resolution.3. Describe your role as the mediator. Be sure to explain neutrality, discuss conflicts of interests, and confidentiality.4. The goal of mediation and explain the steps or stages of the mediation process, ie. parties explain the dispute, identify issues/interests, generate and select solutions).5. How the mediation will conclude (what will be produced at the end)6. Explain any ground rules, such as:One person speaks at a time, parties should speak directly to the mediator. If a party disagrees, make a note and wait for your turn to address, do not interrupt the other party. Turn off electronic devices, do not record any part of the mediation. Be respectful.7. Explain the purpose and use of a Caucus8. Ask parties if they have questions before you begin.Your speech must be at least two pages long, double-spaced, set in 12-point type, and framed with one-inch margins.Include your name at the top of the first page.Proofread your paper to eliminate mechanical and grammatical errors.