NUR515-20220613AssignmentsPICOT Worksheet

What is a PICOT question?
Think of the PICOT question as a “formula” for developing an answerable research question. When you write a good one, the rest of the process of finding and evaluating evidence becomes much more straightforward and easy.
PICOT is a mnemonic used to describe the 5 elements of a good clinical question. First, think about your workplace or a place where you have attended clinicals. Have you noticed a gap in practice? Have you thought of a process that may make things easier or improve patient outcomes?
First- please think carefully about a gap in practice that you have noticed in healthcare. For instance, is there a process that you have found that is flawed (maybe the patient discharge process)? Have you noticed a specific population that requires special care, but you have noticed that patient education is lacking (such as new mothers who are advised on proper diet to enhance breast milk production)? If you were in control, how you would approach these gaps in practice? In other words, what would you do to improve patient care?
For this assignment you will formulate your own PICOT question that you will use for the rest of the program. You will touch on this question in many of the courses leading up to your Capstone, and the question will be used extensively in your Capstone course.
Please review and use the template below to write your PICOT question out. Use the mnemonics in order to write your question out in one, succinct sentenc