NUR515-20220613AssignmentsTeleconference Call

In week one, you identified a researchable question and wrote a PICOT question to apply to your topic of choice. This week, each of you will be meeting separately for a one to one conference call. During the call, you discuss your PICOT question and the topic idea that you have decided to focus on throughout the program. The instructor will be reaching out to you to give you information on the teleconference call. Each call will last approximately 10-15 minutes. Have your PICOT question at hand and ready to discuss.
*Please note- your PICOT question may change throughout the program, and that is okay. If you do change your topic, reach out to the instructor you have at the time to ensure that it is still appropriate for a Capstone project.
~No submission is required for this assignment. The instructor will award points once the conference call has been completed.