NUR515-20220613DiscussionsWeek 2: Discussion

Post Instructions
In your post, please address the following:
A. Write your PICO(T) statement based on a nursing problem of interest and include rationale on why that problem was chosen. Include personal/professional experiences with the problem of interest, if applicable. 
B. Refer to chapter 6 in your Polit and Beck book. Share a conceptual model or theory that you could apply to your research question. Explain how it would be relevant to your research topic.

Peer Response Instructions
For peer responses, please address the following:
Respond to two peers.

Follow-up post 1: Based on this PICO(T) statement, what ethical conduct should be taken into consideration to protect the study participants, (include safeguards used to protect research subjects)? 
Follow-up post 2: Discuss the merits of two initial peer postings.