Nursing Assignment

Please make sure you have an APA title page and 3 references within the last 3 years ( references must be in text and on the reference page).

Safety Event Report

1.) C.S. is a 78-year-old PT admitted to the nursing home unit with a diagnosis of dehydration. C.S. has increased her fluid intake as suggested, but now needs to use the restroom.Please answer the following questions:1. What safety assessments should be completed on the patient prior to assisting with ambulation to the restroom?2. What Risk factors does the patient have for falls?3. List 2 interventions and provide rationales on how to prevent falls for C.S.
2.)After doing the safety assessment of the patient, C.S. is escorted to the restroom by the nurse. Although safety protocols were in place, C.S. slipped on a small amount of urine that was previously left on the bathroom floor. The nurse immediately recognizes that a safety event has just occurred.Please answer the following questions:1. What are priority assessments of this patient?2. If the patient is safe to move, what safety equipment can be utilized?
3.)C.S. is back in bed and comfortable. A little shaken up from the fall, but there are no physical injuries noted. The nurse knows that this would be a good time to complete documentation of the event.A. In your own words, formulate a NOTE to include in the patients electronic medical record:B. What should be documented in the Safety Event Report for this patient?