Nursing Philosphy paper

Please follow attavched rubric to complete reflective paper
 Discuss the reasons you choose to becomea nurse educatorb. Discuss your positive and negativelearning experiences in your life (do nothave to be only related to formaleducation) & how these experiences willinfluence who you are as an educator, Discusses the challenges to educatingstudents, nurses, patients and communitiesin todays environment? (utilized at least 2supportive evidence from the literature).o Identifies one major future challenge innursing education and explain how a nurseeducators of tomorrow should be preparedto face this challenge? (utilize at least 4scholarly references)C. Personal Challenges (10 points)o Discusses what the challengeswriter feels he/she must addressin his/her own personality,characteristics, strengths andweaknesses in becoming aneffective teacher. Follow attached for rest

Students MAYwrite in 1st person terms in this assignmentbecause it is a personal reflection paper