Nutrition Label

Food packages are the most frequently referenced nutrition tool for consumers.  This discussion will help you to better understand nutrition labels.  Your first post should be a minimum of 100 words and address the following points:
1) Answer this question: How confident are you in interpreting food labels? Does knowledge of the nutrient content in foods influence your purchases or meal planning? 
2) Choose a food package from your cabinets.  Do not choose a beverage or candy.  Using the information you learned in Chapter 3 (see pages 81 – 82 and Tables 3.8 & 3.9), review your entire product package, which includes the ingredient list, the nutrient facts panel, and other nutrient and health claims ?  Discuss one thing you learned in detail.  Do not simply list nutrition facts.  Do not focus on marketing terms such as “Extra Crunchy”.  Focus on a health and nutrition claims that are defined by law (e.g. “May Reduce the risk of heart disease”).