What is quackery and what are 3 of the identifying characteristics of nutritional quackery? – 

2. What are Phytonutrients (Phytochemicals)?  
a. Why are they good for you?
b. Name 3 different phytonutrients and describe what health benefit they have and what foods they are found in
3. Describe the digestion process in stages, including all elements of the digestive tract
4. Is Alcohol healthy?  Explain.
5. Describe the Mediterranean diet and it’s health benefits
6. Describe the DASH Diet (Dietary approach to stop hypertension) and it’s health benefits
7. How much protein do we need to consume each day to be healthy?
a. How much do you eat on average each day? (You can refer to diet assessment assignment)
b. Is this a healthy amount?  If not, what do you need to do to change your diet?
8. Vitamin/Mineral Supplements – Do people need them?  Explain
9. What is Osteoporosis?
a. What can people do to reduce their risk of getting it?
10. Obesity
a. List 3 causes of obesity
b. List 3 health risks associated with Obesity
c. Describe Metabolic Syndrome
d. List 3 dietary changes people need to make to lose weight