Online Learning

Select a topic in the field of IDT (and HPT): my topic is Online Learning
Find FOUR scholarly articles. (Two course readings permitted. At least two should be new articles you have not read so far.)

Here is how your annotated bibliography should look like:

Introduce the topic of your choice. (100-150 words)
For each article: Provide the citation in APA.
Summarize each article right below the citation information. (100-150 words)

Because you provided the citation information, you do not need to cite again within your summaries. 

After summarizing all 4 or 5 articles: Analyze, evaluate, and synthesize what you read as a whole. (100-150 words)
Suggest new ideas or areas of improvements. (100-150 words)

For example, I would select the topic of “technology integration” and then include one chapter from the textbook (Chapter 20), and find 3 articles in Google Scholar. If I am interested in different “instructional design models,” I will search for the models that we already learned or some new models to summarize and further my learning. 
This paper does not have a limit, but the same criteria for reading checks and synthesis papers will be applied – meaning that the APA style citations and skillful paraphrasing will be expected.