Operating Standards Development

Background: You created a small business that was focused on providing a grocery shopping and delivery service that would compete with the larger, more established players in any given market. You have worked hard to create your niche and have been successful. The other larger firms randomly assign a shopper and customers have good and bad experiences as a result. You believe the secret of your success is that you assign a specific personal shopper to each customer so they can form a relationship with each other. Your hiring and retention practices are key to this being successful. You have built a fully functioning application for the shopping process that integrates customers and shoppers successfully. You are now at the point where you are planning to Franchise your business to other markets. You believe that there will be a fairly good number of potential Franchisees that are interested, because the startup costs are relatively low, there is no physical infrastructure required, and that your business model has proven success. You also believe that the creation of a set of comprehensive operating standards will be critical. Your Assignment: Write the following components of your Operating Standards. Recruiting and Hiring Personal Shoppers Required behavioral attributes of Personal Shoppers Compensation of Personal Shoppers Marketing the shopping service in your local market Protection of the operating standards as intellectual property. Your standards must each be: 1. Objectively measurable. How, exactly are you going to assure that your franchisees are meeting these standards. 2. Specific. Your standards need to be specific enough that you could hand them to a Franchisee and they would be able to exactly execute the standard. Your paper must: Have no spelling or grammatical errors. Use professional language If you use external resources (encouraged) you must cite them in text and include a References page. You must use APA formatting. You may use bullet points, however you need to assure that each point meets item 2 – “Specific”.