Organizational Consulting

In this Major Project, you will be tasked with developing a consulting proposal of how a diagnosed issue can be successfully overcome through the use of a detailed learning initiative.
An example of this might be: “You have been studying a company in which leadership turnover is quite high and they consistently are pulling in leaders from outside the company who come in with nice resumes, but effectively fail. As such, you design a detailed learning initiative that frames the current gap, describes how the initiative will be executed, and detail how an assessment would be completed to determine the efficacy of the initiative.” 
To ensure that the paper has adequate depth, please be sure to follow this structure:
Introduction – 1-2 pages
Company History/Background – 1-3 pages
Problem – 1-2 page
Theoretical Connection – 1-2 pages
Solution/Initiative – 2-4 pages
Expectations for the future – 1-2 pages
Conclusion – 1-2 pages