This is another post where you will get some peer feedback. Don’t forget to respond to your peer’s replies. 
You will create an outline for your Long Way Down Research paper that includes Roman numerals, a thesis statement. An outline is a plan for your paper. Please create your outline on a Word or Google doc, not in the textbox. Then, when you post it in the discussion, attach it as a file by clicking insert on the top left, then clicking document. 
The paragraphs in your paper will include:
an introduction with a thesis statement, a literature review, 3 body paragraphs, a counter-argument and a conclusion. Please map this out with your ideas on what you will write about for each. 
Follow this example for how the outline should look and what it should include: 

Initial Reply
Your initial reply will be due by Friday at 11:59 pm. 
Replies to Peers
By Sunday at 11:59 pm. Please write at least 2 meaningful sentences giving them advice on their outline. Does the outline follow a logical pattern of reasoning, in other words, does it make sense? 
Response to Reply 
by Tuesday at 11:59 pm please acknowledge the feedback you got in at least 2 sentence and how it will help you fix your outline.