Outsourcing IT – Yea or Nay?

“Globally and domestically. . . . Companies choose to outsource either as a cost-saving measure or as a way to gain access to needed human resource talent and innovation” (Gitman et al., 2018, p. 280).  Accordingly, many companies are outsourcing portions of their IT departments. Should they, and why? Develop a position on this issue by researching outsourcing trends on Information Week, (http://www.informationweek (Links to an external site.)), or an IT website of your choosing.  Students are also encouraged to site research from journal articles or newspapers.  Then, equipped with the provided information from sources of your choosing, analyze the data and respond to the following questions.

Do you support or oppose outsourcing portions of an IT department?
Explain why or why not support outsourcing portions of an IT department?
Should an organization that outsources have a legal obligation to find other jobs or provide training for displaced workers? Explain why or why not?