need to follow the prompt and complete my rough draft
For your last essay, you looked at Parable of the Sower through the lens of your choosing. The book warns us of a future in which the world is broken, but we still have the potential to make it better.  This time it is your turn.  You must look to the world around you and pick a topic that affects you personally.  This topic could have to do with your community, your school, your family dynamic, your interest in certain areas of pop culture, politics etc. The only requirement is that YOU must be connected to the argument in some way. You will identify a problem, research it, and propose a solution to that problem.
Basic Description/Overview of Assignment
You will identify a problem in the world and propose a solution to the problem. This problem should affect you personally. Furthermore, you will need to address a counterargument. The counterargument cannot be an imagined one, it should be a genuine consideration of another point of view. Once you present the counterargument, you will need to refute that claim. A refutation does not mean that the claim is 100% wrong, it simply means that your solution or perspective on the problem is the correct one.
Assignment Details
Some Topics to Avoid:

Legalization of Marijuana
Drunk Driving
How Social Media is Ruining/Making the World
Texting and Driving
Death Penalty
Gun Control

Your essay will need to do the following:

State your position as a thesis
Give proper background information about your topic
Address a counter-argument for your argument
Give evidence-supported reasons for your position. You will need to include at least three (3) sources that support your claim AND one (1) counterargument that you address in your essay. Appropriate sources must ALL pass the CRAAP Test (which we will go over during the library visit).
Conclusion should have a So What? that addresses the bigger picture. In other words, your conclusion should tell your reader why they should think the way you do and what will it do for them if they do? 

Submission Requirements

Your paper should be a minimum of 6-8  FULL pages MINIMUM
MLA format: typed, Times New Roman, Double Spaced, 12 pt. font 1 margins, page numbers with name in top right corner, proper English heading, a CREATIVE title