Analyze the challenges facing the Democratic party and the Biden administration, for example as discussed in the The Daily (2021) podcast Why Spending Too Little Could Backfire on Democrats.**  Your paper should address the recent history of the Democratic party (i.e. major developments and goals since the 1960s), including the partys electorate, intra-party differences*, and why polarization in Congress poses a challenge.For this paper prompt, you will need to read the following article:
The Economist. 2021. “The Calamity Facing Joe Biden” Nov. 6 – its the pdf file 
The Daily (2021) podcast Why Spending Too Little Could Backfire on Democrats. 
Recommended are The Daily podcasts on Joe Manchin (How a Single Senator)  
and on Kyrsten Sinema. (The links are listed with the required material for Topic 6A) 

Grading Criteria:

Essay:  your grade will be based on the clarity of your answer and how well informed it is, meaning how well it integrates* the relevant course material, (lectures, assigned readings, and videos, and podcasts). The clarity of your answer includes the clarity and the strength of your thesis, and how well you support your argument. 

*You do not need to cite the material (as in formal citations). Most importantly is that you integrate the material from various course sources.