Paper TOWER lab

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Based on the lab that you selected for your final, do and complete the following:
1. Head your paper!
2. Lab must be typed!
3. Each step of the scientific method process must be numbered, and each step named:
Scientific Method Process
1. Purpose, Objective, Question, Problem, and Observations (Remember to select, only one)
2. Research
3. Hypothesis
4. Experiment
5. Data/Units
6. Results/Units
7. Conclusion: summary 8. Follow-up
4. You have a choice to draw or computer process the data table(s) and graph(s). Include a motion diagram or dot diagram, as part of your results. Make sure that you include with your graphs, the relationship.
5. Things to include in your lab: Demonstrate your understanding for each step of the scientific method process with your selected lab; Decide if you are going to do a qualitative or quantitative experiment; Research, must include the following: term and equation that will be used.

Physics Lab
The Paper Tower
What is the tallest free standing tower you
can construct with a single sheet of paper
and 30 cm of cellophane tape?
Materials ne
1 sheet of white paper per student
I sheet of colored paper per group
cellophane tape
1. Each student will receive one sheet of white
paper. Use the white sheet to try out various
design possibilities. Think creatively.
2. Each lab group will receive one sheet of
colored paper to make a competition tower.
3. Before working with the colored paper,
examine the designs of each group member.
4. Decide which aspects of each design should
be incorporated into your final design. The
most important aspects of a winning team
are communication and cooperation.
5. Plan ahead. Set a timetable for experimenta-
tion and for actual construction. Plan on
finishing at least five minutes before the end
of the period.
6. Watch your time. Do not fall too far behind
7. Your tower must be free standing for at least
live seconds
8. Measure the height of your tower before it
lids overI
Analyze and Conclude
1. Forming a Hypothesis What are some
limiting factors to how high a tower can be
2. Analyzing the Results What were the
limiting factors in your tower’s construction?
3. Evaluating the Process Did your group
work well as a team? What could you do
differently to be more effective?
1. What architectural elements have been
incorporated into your design?