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share another interesting component of the artwork or example of symbolism that was shared in the video that they have not yet addressed. You must provide a substantive response. 

There have been many interpretations on what the portrait portrayed but the most common was the picture depicted a wedding. “Most commonly accepted today is that it is a double portrait of an already married couple” (Smarthsitory, 2011, 00:37). The portrait expresses the man’s wealth with certain details in the picture. They believe that the picture must be more then a double portrait because so many details symbolize so much more. Their shoes being removed could have represented a sacred event. The women and man speaking stated that “there is that attention to detail and detail painted in enormous clarity that we associate with he northern renaissance, some of this painting seems to have been painted with a single hair brush” (Smarthistory, 2011, 03:27). According to them the painting was very detailed and intricate and was painted with oil paint thinly and in layers which made it a very rich color. Most of the things they went into detail about I singled out when I took the 5 minutes to look over the portrait. I would have never made some of the connections that they did but I did assume that they were a wealthy family because of their clothing and the jewelry the lady wore. I also assumed that something was occurring due to the other people in the room that you could see in the mirror.
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