Peer Response 1

Indicate how their story is different than, or similar to, your own.

Point out a connection to your own post by referencing similar experiences or program of study and career choice

  should be 100 words 

 Professionally and personally, the vision I see of myself in the next five years is me having my associate’s degree working towards my bachelor’s degree, being financially stable, and being a Crew Chief in my fire department.

    The moment that led me to this present moment started with taking the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) test. After taking the ASVAB, the Air Force chose me to be a firefighter. Going through BMT (Basic Military Training), the fire academy, and passing my NREMT (National Registered Emergency Medical Technician) exam helped me get ahead in college. By knowing that I received college credits for the certifications I achieved, it motivated me to want to improve even more academically. 

    Through time I get to see the value of education and the effect it has on me being more knowledgeable with test-taking and studying. Therefore, I chose to take advantage of a college education. Some obstacles to achieving my goals are work, myself, and finding ways to manage my time. I would say that confidence and dedication are my strengths and values I have. Improving my education will help me cultivate my confidence even further than where it is now by knowing that by learning new things about writing and applying them in the future, I will have more knowledge when dealing with some situations. By being dedicated, it will help me not to give up. Dedication will help me find successful ways to learn how to manage my time. I can take advantage of doing assignments a week early or spending my days off from work writing practice essays. The knowledge learned throughout the course helps me realize how profitable it is to stay focused. I think of myself as an obstacle to achieving my goals because staying focused can be challenging when I allow myself to get easily distracted.

    My goal is to earn my CCAF (my job college degree) in Fire Science. Achieving that goal will give me the confidence I need to pursue my Bachelor’s degree. It will also help me to have peace of mind knowing anything I set my mind to can be accomplished.