person i admire ( my dad)

The purpose of this assignment is to learn to compose an essay that makes a clear point supported by several main ideas and organized into a (at minimum) five-paragraph essay.
Learning the skills involved in writing this essay will help prepare you for college-level writing which generally requires a clear thesis, main ideas, pattern of organization, and strong support.
Moreover, learning to communicate a main idea that is supported by evidenced and organized clearly is a skill that can be applied in the workplace and other areas of life.
Write a 900-word essay, in MLA format, about a person in whom you have an interest.

Select a person you admire.
The person may be current or historical. Do not select a historical figure that you will need to research. Fictional characters are also permitted.

Select several (2-4) traits about the person that you admire and write about these. These will be the essay’s main ideas.

Biographical information should be used only to support claims.
Your essay should focus on the traits you admire. Do not write a biography.

Organize your main ideas to establish the essay’s pattern of organization.

Your main ideas (traits) need to be clearly organized.

Decide in what order you wish to discuss these main ideas (traits).
This organization of ideas needs to be presented in your introduction, preferably as the last sentence of your introduction in the thesis statement.
This establishes how your essay will be structured; follow this structure throughout the rest of the essay.

Compose 5 well-developed paragraphs that support a clear thesis statement that is arguable.

5 paragraph minimum 

introduction paragraph
three body paragraphs
conclusion paragraph

This essay is a basic form of an argument essay. The essay should make an argument such as that the person selected is worthy of admiration because of the traits selected.

Criteria for Success
A successful essay:

Meets basic requirements of the assignment
Has been written by the student submitting the essay, for this class, and for this semester
Does not contain plagiarism of any kind
Has a clear thesis, main ideas, and pattern of organization
Has been carefully edited and proofread to minimize grammatical and other editing errors
Follows MLA style and guidelines (spacing, indent, margins, etc.).

The essay will be graded with the Grading Rubric for Essays. Please familiarize yourself with this rubric before you submit your essay. Here is the condensed version of the rubric:







Total Points

Please Note
I suggest that you do not consult research or outside sources for this essay; if you do, you must cite and acknowledge them correctly. Remember that the assignment is to write about the traits you admire in the person you selected. At no point should you include unnecessary biographical information. You are not writing a biography; you are writing about the traits you selected. Each paragraph should remain focused on the trait it is supposed to be developing, and each paragraph should support the thesis (that the person is worthy of admiration).
If outside sources are used, then the essay will be scored: Content=50, Organization=50, Editing=50, and Documentation=50.