Personality Assessment Biblical perspective

Need a 4 page assessment written up based on a survey given and the scenario you come up with as if you met with the client once. You must answer all the questions in the template I will send. Also your assessment should have the same look and feel format, font size and spacing.  As the  example one that I will send also. Need to be a solution based assessment using the bible as your only reference source. This assessment   discovers a persons Temperament analysis based on Supine, Melancholy,  Phlegmatic Supine. 
Details about the scenario  She is a 29 year old deaf female coming in about her anxiety
Make sure you ask clients what their struggles and problems are and tailor the discussion of their temperament to those problems. Like how their temperament weaknesses may cause or make their problems worse or you can speak to how their temperament strengths along with biblical counsel may help them solve their problems. Your report needs to be a full 4 pages. Make sure commentary is clear and well thought out on the temperament analysis under inclusion, control and/or affection discussion areas.  

I have downloaded a example for to use as a guide BUT CANNOT BE COPIED IN YOUR REPORT 

I will send the survey answers for you to use to complete the report,  once I have chosen someone to do this assignment.