SPS: my goal today is to persuade the government to pass prop 47 and offer treatment for non-violent drug offenders not prison time.
Am writing this speech to persuade the Mayor and governor of California to pursue the government, to withhold arresting drug users and getting them help instead.
I choose this two members of government because they have the power to bring along change that’s necessary like eradicating drug using. Maintain a healthy community by helping educate people on the impacts of drug use. from victim, family, society and the government at large.
Am writing to show the effects of drugs on our society from victim, family, community and the government at large.
In the article “” states that “The United States has a drug problem. There’s no denying it. About 6.8 million people in the U.S. are drug users. There are over two million prisoners in America’s prison system, and about one-fourth of them were convicted for a drug offense” This is a large percentage compared to prisoners of criminal offenses expected. Non-violent drug offenders should be sent to rehabilitation centers and not prisons.
The issue of addiction is the first difficulty that comes with incarceration. The majority of persons who use drugs do not do so for therapeutic reasons; rather, they are addicted to them. Even though many people are arrested for drug overdoses on the street, incarceration does not assist in the rehabilitation of drug addiction.
We all experience stress, but for the family of a drug addict who they are unable to reach out to, it may be especially trying. The victims’ loved ones and friends suffer emotional distress as a result. The strain can also force family members to turn on each other, placing the blame for their problems or their successes on the wrong shoulders. Moreover, the victim may become handicapped and overburdened by stress if they are unable to ask for aid for fear of being judged, misunderstood, or given no support at all. Example; Mindy 19 good student and athlete, her boyfriend who was a heroin addict injected her with a needle full of heroine she started using one per week later on became addicted and used every day. She stole money from her parents to buy drugs, school figured about the plan parents called in, she was expelled, taken to rehab and been sober since then.
Imprisoning an individual cause’s increased tax, “the US spends an average of $30,000 per year to incarcerate an inmate, but only spend an average of $11,665 in schools” according to “The Sierra wave media”. Another cause of arresting drug users is overcrowded prison, according to the commission on criminal and juvenile justice studies have shown that, prison in California are way overcrowded and may cause health risks to inmates. This has come true with the covid crises, although worldwide inmates were the most affected.
When an addict resorts to stealing money or other valuable objects in order to support their crippling addiction, their criminal behavior reaches a new level. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is characterized by a number of physiological and psychological impairments, which makes it extremely challenging to kick the habit despite the fact that ongoing use can lead to catastrophic outcomes. If a treatment program is going to be effective, it needs to be somewhat lengthy (in terms of both time and duration) and it needs to teach recovering addicts how to stay clean even after the completion of their particular program. According to “The Hill” article “Substance Abuse treatment” Drug rehab is the best solution for individuals who are suffering from any drug related problem because they can have “therapy sessions, have individual time with addiction specialist, and learn how to live a more satisfying life.” It is also a better option to introduce recovery for users who have no control of their behaviors , to enhance recovery in order to lessen their chances of returning to jail .Rehab enhances good behavior and lessens aggressiveness that would come by been locked up in prison.
In conclusion the government should treat every drug offence with the correspondent punishment, learn that imprisonment is not the way to eliminate the problem we are facing with the drug users in our societies and grant rehabilitation opportunity instead of jail time.
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