I need an 8 min presentation on Phaedrus.  You are the teacher at a parent teacher 
conference with Phaedrus and Love is the child.  How do you agree or disagree with it? 

1.      Speech accurately responds to ideas of speake (no “Straw Men”!)
2.      A clear thesis or purpose of the speech madeevident in introduction & conclusion

Respond to ONE idea/theme in your speaker’s speech

Agreeing with or disagreeing with this idea is a tried-and-true approach. Boosting Clarity: If you found yourself agreeing/disagreeing with a speaker, ask WHY you agree/disagree or WHAT it is they claimed you agree/disagree with. 

Choose an idea/theme you can speak to from your job/major/field etc.

Boosting ethos: A quick way to establish credibility with the audience is to draw on your experience to support your response (e.g. I’ve been in business for X years and Pausiniaus’s deal making…; As a parent of three, there’s a critical element of love that Phaedrus…). This will also give you ample material to support your claims.

Sometimes the best outline/structure is the simplest:

Tell the audience what you’re going to tell them. Tell them. Tell them what you told them. 

Make it your own to make it easy on yourself.

If you give sales presentations all the time, sell us on why Socrates’s notion that is…; If you have an inner drama/theater drive, feel free to use costumes & props.  

Should I make a PowerPoint?

If you feel your speech will benefit from a PowerPoint, do so. However, try not to fall into the trap of reading slides.