phase 1

In this module, you’ll read and critique some samples of previous students’ submissions of . 
To successfully critique these samples, refresh your memory of the assignment prompt before engaging with readings below. 
 Student Samples
These student samples represent a variety of topics and talents. 
They should in no way should be considered perfect samples to emulate. 
Each has strengths and weaknesses. Your task, then, is to identify those strengths and weaknesses so you may use that knowledge to write your own best research proposal. 
First, look over these previous students’ drafts with an eye for structure, content, tone, or whatever else stands out to you as useful.
Choose 3 to review more carefully and write about. 

Then, in a paragraph or two below, name the three you chose and describe in detail what you think were the strongest and weakest points of each sample. 
Reply to at least two classmates in the usual way, drawing from one another’s perspective to round out your own while contributing, in turn, to theirs. 
Some details of student samples may be different than we have discussed in this class (such as the title of the assignment, format, or readings mentioned). This should not be your focus. Focus on what makes the writing “good” (effective) or otherwise.