Physics assignment

To complete PHY2048 Module 4 Assignment
Show all your steps and draw diagrams where necessary. Add explanatory notes where necessary.1. As you press down on the accelerator of your car you see the tachometer climb steadily from 1200 rpm to 5500 rpm in 2.5 s. (a) What is the angular acceleration of the car?(b) What is the tangential acceleration of a point on the edge of the engines 3.8 cm diameter crankshaft?(c) How many revolutions does the engine make during this time?(d) If the moment of inertia of the crankshaft is 0.009 kg.m2, what is the torque generated by the engine?(e) What is the kinetic energy of the crankshaft at its maximum rpm? What is its angular momentum at that time?2. A 30-cm diameter circular saw blade has a mass of 0.9 kg distributed uniformly in a disc. (a) What is its rotational kinetic energy when it is operating at 4000 rpm?(b) What average power must be applied to bring the blade from rest to its operating 4000 rpm in 0.8 s?3. Use Keplers laws to determine the period of the Hubble Space Telescope which orbits the earth at an altitude of 610 km.

Grading RubricsQuestion 1 carries 10 points as follows:2 points each for calculation and result using the correct formula.Question 2 carries 4 points as follows:1. Calculating the moment of inertia and using it to calculate KE – 22. Calculating the average power – 2Question 3 carries 6 points as follows:1. Using the correct formula to calculate the period – 6