Please answer in a 1 to 2 page reflection how my experiences

Please answer in a 1 to 2 page reflection how my experiences and life events in the paper that I’ve attached relate to chapters 8, 9, and 10 In the book Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl, (1959). Boston: Beacon? Please make this as personal to myself as possible.
I have attached a paper about my life and experiences that I have had to help you write this reflection.
I grew up in a town called Bellingham here in Washington it is a city 2 + hours south of Seattle Washington. It’s a beautiful city that sits right on the Bellingham bay. We drove from California to Washington in a little blue Honda Civic. The four of us are mom, dad, me and my brother Greg. We had clothes, food and money and the family. When we arrived in Bellingham we stayed at a hotel for the first week or two then we found an apartment on the south side of the city where we lived until I was about 8 years old and starting the 4th grade. As a child my parents moved around a lot, I mean to different houses in Bellingham. My brother and I would just start to make friends at our new school it seemed and my parents would say we’re moving again. When we moved to Bellingham from California I was 7 years old and in the 3rd grade I remember it well. The first house we lived in was a 2 bedroom house where one room was mine and the other was my brother Gregs and my parents slept in the living room on an old hide a bed couch. My mom got a job as a teller at Bellingham National Bank and my dad took care of my brother and myself for about a year or so. He was a stay at home dad which I loved because he always used to take us fishing and on nature walks in the woods it was always so much fun. Then one day my dad’s uncle on his fathers side got him a job at a place called Georgia Pacific. It was where they made toilet paper and other paper products. I was so sad because I never got to see my dad anymore due to his new work schedule which was usually graveyard or swing shift so he would work all night and sleep all day. I missed my dad so much! I missed going fishing and on the long hikes in the woods he used to take us on. He taught us how we could live on the land if we ever needed to know what berries we could eat and how to catch the best fish. Salmon and Trout were my favorite fish to eat and my favorite berries were Huckleberries and Blackberries. I remember riding around in my dad’s old blue Chrysler out on the country roads my dad would pull over and tell us to stay in the car while he went out into the corn fields and chucked us some corn on the cob to eat with the fish we had caught that day. I bet if I told him about this memory he would probably laugh and say well we ate good didn’t we ha ha! Those were some of the good ole days in my childhood.
The house we lived in during that time we only stayed there for maybe a year and then we moved to another house on Lahti drive by now I am in the 5th grade and this is where I met my very first best friend whose name was Sandy Gant she had two sisters Barb and Lisa and two brother Jack and Kenny, her moms name was Connie and step dad then was Ken. We were inseparable. We did everything together. Every weekend and all summer long we would all go to lake Whatcom and Whatcom Falls park to lay in the sun and go swimming all day. There was a hill and at the top of it was a lake called Toad lake where we would take our bicycles to the very top of the hill and I would get on the handlebars and we would go so fast down that hill that if i was to do it now at this age I would probably have a heart attack. Sandys sister LIsa was about 18 years old at this time and she had some pills that were called Black Beauties and Yellow Jackets, as well as Cross Tops. This was our first time ever taking a drug, mind you we were only in the 5th grade at this time. We also experimented with alcohol one day at one of my brother’s friends’ houses. My best friend Sandy ended up getting alcohol poisoning that day and was rushed to the emergency room and till this day has brain damage from the lack of oxygen to her brain. I was never at home anymore but was always at her house not sure if it was because I felt like there was a family unit there and I felt part of something that I lacked at my own home. AS the years went on we moved several more times and every time we moved so would Sandys family and it was always just around the corner from where we had just moved so we continued to hang out and as the years went on so did the use of different types of drugs like Marijuannna, Mushrooms, LSD, PCP and more alcohol. Eventually Sandy got into a relationship and our friendship dwindled away due to her always being with her new boyfriend Chris. I also got into a relationship at the age of 14 with an 18 year old guy named Pat who was already an alcoholic and in trouble with the law and even was on Antabuse for his driving while intoxicated. Mind you my parents were not happy with this relationship but I was now a rebellious teenager who never listened to my parents. As time went on I was never at home and was always at his house drinking and smoking and getting into trouble. One day I went to go find my boyfriend Pat and he wasn’t home so I went to Sandy’s house and when her boyfriend Chris opened the door I saw a blanket with a couple bodies underneath it I bent down and ripped those blankets off and to my surprise it was my boyfriend Pat and my best friend Sandys boyfriends sister Lisa I started to cry and left and went on my way. This destroyed me for years to come. I felt like I wasn’t pretty enough, or skinny enough and couldn’t figure out for the life of me why he would have cheated on me. I was absolutely heartbroken for years to come. As time went on I moved along in life and hung out with new friends and one day my friend and I were riding my parents bikes and two guys in a car pulled up to us and asked us what we were doing, were like what does it look like we were doing with a little giggle. They asked us if we would like to go to the fair, I said we would have to ask my parents so we stashed my parents bikes in the bushes and they drove us to my parents house where I asked if I could go to the fair and my parents said sure go ahead so off I went. My new boyfriend was now Stannley or so I thought until one day at his house there was a party and I saw Stanley kissing a girl out on the balcony who had been his girlfriend all along something he had never shared with me. I threw my glass of beer at the sliding glass door and off I went into a drunken stupor staggering down the street into downtown Bellingham where all the bars were located to drown my sorrows in the next beer.
Time went on and I heard that the girl Lisa that I had caught with my ex boyfriend Pat was now pregnant and I was devastated and heartbroken all over again. The next month or so I noticed that I had missed my period so I went to Planned Parenthood and found out that I was pregnant too. In my brokenness I so wanted the baby to be Pats even after how much he had hurt me. It didn’t matter. I thought maybe if the baby was his he would come back to me. I didn’t tell my parents until I was about 6 months along, because of the fear of what they might think of me. They were very understanding. My parents sat down with me and said don’t worry we are here for you and we will do this together and I was so relieved. Me and Sandy ended up getting an apartment together while I was pregnant for a few months then I moved back in with my parents after having my son Darion. After Darion was born I remember looking at him trying to see if his features matched that of my old boyfriend Pat still hoping that his dad wasm Pat. Eventually I got a blood test done and found out that Pat was not the father and again I was heartbroken all over again. I was now 17 ½ years old, a new mother broken, lost, and defeated in every way so I thought. My self esteem was shot down, I was lonely, scared, uneducated and had no idea what I was doing. So I enrolled into college and took a fashion merchandising course at Bellingham Technical College. I absolutely loved clothes then and still do to this day. My dream was to open my very own consignment shop someday but this dream never came to pass because God had other plans for me which I never figured out until much later in life after many more ups, downs, failures, and successes.
One day when I was just hanging out at my parents house the phone rang. I jumped up to go answer it and to my surprise it was Stanley Darions dad on the other end of the line. I said hello and the conversation went something like hey how’s it going whats up? By this time Darion was about 18 months old and when I told Stanley that he was the father he said he had already heard through the grapevine that he was the father. We made arrangements to see each other. Once I told my mom about it she was happy because she thought Stanley was a good guy. I had never told her anything that had happened between us that night when I saw him kissing another girl. So she was all for me and Darion going to visit him and even gave us a ride to his house that very day. When we arrived at his house he told me it was some lady’s house that he was just staying there and there was nothing going on between them and I’m like okay so what do you want to stay here or do you want to come to stay with me at my parents house and of course he jumped on that opportunity. I called my mom and made up some story about why he needed to move out of his current place and come stay with us until we could find our own apartment. My parents agreed on one stipulation and that was that we would get married since we would be living under their roof. So we got married at the courthouse. My dad did not come, my mom was there, Chris, my best friend Sandy’s boyfriend, was a witness. go figure and my brother Greg was also a witness. After getting married we stayed at my parents house for a while and I remember one night Stanley wasn’t home yet and it was quite late when he called and I’m not sure as to why but I had my mom drive me to where he was which was some lady’s apartment that he worked with that had been picking him up in the morning and bringing him home after work. Well they had been up so all night smoking Crack Cocaine and drinking alcohol so I joined in and we partied all night until the wee hours of the morning when the sun was coming up. I called my mom and had her come and get us to take us back home. That was my first but not my last experience with Cocaine. Eventually Stanley and I had gotten our own apartment. This is when I saw Stanley’s true colors. When he would drink he would become physically abusive, he would punch me and knock me down to the ground or on a bed then he would sit on my stomach and pin my arms down with his knees while punching me in the head over and over again. I think that he would do that so no one could see any bruises on me. I would cry and cry begging him to stop and he would just keep yelling at me calling me every name in the book while punching me over and over again and this would go on for hours and hours sometimes for days if we had been up all night drinking and smoking. I stayed in this marriage until I was 24 years old. By now we had had another son whose name is Miles.
My sons and I were finally free from the abuse and chaos that we had been living in. It felt so good to finally be free from him. We got ourselves a little apartment in downtown Bellingham. I still can remember it. It had two bedrooms, was on the second floor, and was just perfect for me and my two boys. I decorated it just the way I wanted it, my mom gave us some dishes and other household furnishings and it was complete and the best I had felt in a very long time. One night the phone rang and yes you guessed it who was on the other end of the line? Stanley called me from Alaska saying he just got done fishing and wanted to come back home to me and the boys. I called my mom and at this point I had not told my parents about any of the abuse and I’m not sure even to this day if they were aware of it or not but I arranged with my mom for us to pick him up from the airport when he landed back in town and so we did. It wasn’t long after this that Stanley had gotten pulled over driving or something to that nature and he went to jail. I was ecstatic when this happened because at this point the physical abuse had been happening all over again. For all I cared he could stay locked up for life and it wouldn’t have bothered me. One night not long after Stanley went to jail this guy I knew came over with a bag of Cocaine and we stayed up all night partying into the wee hours of the morning. When he left I fell asleep on the couch and was woke up by smoke, my son MIles had pushed a chair up to the stove and had turned on a burner that had a frying pan on it that had almost caught on fire when I woke up he was almost out the window of our second story apartment. Next I heard a knock on the door and some lady said my son Darion was walking into the gas station down the hill with a knife in his hand asking for some bubble gum. I was so embarrassed and ashamed of myself I called my mom and told her everything. She got me into a treatment center in the next couple of days. While I was there she brought my sons to visit and one day she brought court documents so I could sign over temporary custody of the boys so that Stanley couldn’t come and take them while I was in treatment. Now that I look back I think I used that as an escape from the responsibility of being a single mom alone, scared, lost and full of fear, insecure not knowing how to live life on life’s terms. I left that treatment facility the very next day and only had three days until I would have graduated. I went on a six year run basically just killing myself slowly everyday. I was at a point where I wished I would just go to sleep and never wake up. I feel like the day my dad could no longer be there for me like he had been in the past was the day I started to look for attention in all the wrong places whether it be drugs or unhealthy abusive relationships. My life spiraled out of control without his nurturing touch that I had come to know..
Years went on and I would get clean and sober for a few years here and There. I would end up relapsing again. It wasn’t until I forgave myself and stopped blaming everyone else that I was able to stay clean and sober. Today I have 6 years and 5 days. I have a relationship with all of my children and my parents. I have been married to my best friend for 7 years and 5 months, I have graduated with honors from Spokane Community College with my bachelors degree in Addiction Studies and am currently working as a SUDP-T substance use disorder professional at the exact treatment facility I graduated from. God works in mysterious ways and has brought me full circle to where I get to give back to other women who are where I once was. It’s an honor to give to those who are still lost without any hope. My dream is to help as many women as I can to believe that they too can live a life free from their addictions.
Two and a half years ago, I decided I wanted to go back to school to become an addiction counselor so that I can help the still suffering addict to get clean and sober and see that beating their addiction is possible. I enrolled in school at SFCC and earned my associates degree in addiction studies and am now a licensed substance abuse counselor. While getting my associates degree at SFCC faculty came from Whitworth University and told my class about the Upside-Down program which is a continuing study degree course that allows 60 credits from an AA degree to be transferred over and is counted towards getting a bachelor’s degree in a course of your choosing. I’m so excited that I get to continue my education while earning my bachelors degree in human services here at Whitworth.
Furthermore, not only did I choose Whitworth because I can transfer my credits. But I also liked the fact that Whitworth is a Christian college since I am a devout Christian myself. This is something very important to me since I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today if it wasn’t for God’s strength that has brought me through so many trials.
I love that I’m here at Whitworth continuing my education in the direction of my dreams while building on the knowledge and skills that I have already obtained. Even though I struggled for so many years in addiction and know the chaos, heartache, and pain that goes along with living that lifestyle. My dream now is to help others like me regain their sense of dignity and respect by learning that they too are worthy of living a life free from their addiction and to see that yes, it is possible to stay clean and sober if they do the work and believe in themselves. I am living proof that it’s possible. Thank you!
Not only have I chosen Whitworth because I am able to transfer my credits from Spokane Falls Community College towards earning my bachelors degree in Social Services. But I also really like the fact that Whitworth is a Christian college since I am a devout Christian myself and was raised in a family that has a very strong faith in God. This is something that is very important to me since I know that I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am if it wasn’t for God’s strength that has brought me through so many trials and tribulations throughout my life. I believe that God has directed my every step through the journey that I am on today and in that I have chosen Whitworth to continue my education.
I chose the continuing studies program with Whitworth because I will have earned my associates degree from Spokane Falls Community College once entering into the continuing studies program at Whitworth. I love that I am able to transfer into Whitworth’s “upside-down” program and continue my education in the direction of my dreams. Whitworth recognizing my A.A.S. degree is also a valuable base toward completing my bachelor’s degree. It will help me to build on the knowledge and skills that I have already obtained through Spokane Falls Community Colleges Addiction Studies AAS degree program. I really like that Whitworth has an evening degree program that will take me to the next level of opportunity, and that will enable me to earn my bachelor’s degree in Social Services. It will also prepare me for career and vocational advancements in my near future. Transferring to Whitworth via transfer of my associates degree in Addiction Studies will also allow me to receive junior standing which in itself is a great benefit.
I have spent the last two and half years working towards earning my associates degree in Addiction Studies so that I will be able to help the still suffering addict to heal and be free from their addictions. This is my passion and I have always loved helping others believe in themselves. I struggled many years in addiction myself and know the chaos, heartache, and pain that goes along with living that lifestyle. My dream now is to get the best education that I can so that I can help those that have lost all hope rebuild their lives and to help them to regain their sense of self by learning that they too are worthy of living a life free from their addiction. I am at a place in my life now that I have been clean and sober for quite a few years now and by continuing an education in the field of addiction and mental health counseling will allow me to give back to so many what has been freely given to me by others in our community. I am much older now and can appreciate learning as much as I can so I can help others rebuild their lives with their families and to see that yes it is possible if they believe. I currently am a fulltime student in college with a full time job. I’m a wife, a mother who loves helping others. I work as a Lead Behavioral health technician as well as am a substance use disorder professional. My days are full of life, joy, laughter, growth, optimism, encouragement and so much more. I wouldn’t have it any other way and I am truly blessed beyond measure.
My Personality Type is – a ISFJ-A
Supportive – Defenders truly enjoy helping others, and they happily share their knowledge, attention, and expertise with anyone who needs it. People with this personality type strive for win-win situations, choosing teamwork over competition whenever possible.
Reliable – Rather than working in sporadic, excited bursts that leave things half finished, Defenders are meticulous and careful. They take a steady approach, ensuring that things are done to the highest standard – and often going well beyond what is required.
Observant – Defender personalities have a talent for noticing things, particularly about other people. They pay attention to the smallest details of what someone says and does, giving them unexpected insights into other people’s lives and emotions.
Enthusiastic – When the goal is right, Defenders apply all of their gifts to something that they believe will make a real, positive difference in people’s lives – whether that’s fighting poverty with a global initiative or simply making a customer’s day.
Hardworking – Defenders don’t just get their work done – they take pride in it. People with this personality type often form an emotional attachment to the projects and organizations that they’ve dedicated themselves to, and they won’t rest until they’ve done their share – or more than their share – to be of help.
Good Practical Skills – This personality type offers the rare combination of an altruistic nature and hard-won practicality. Defenders don’t just hope to help others. They take action – meaning that they’re more than happy to roll up their sleeves and do what’s necessary to care for their friends, family, and anyone else who needs it.
Overly Humble – Defenders are so concerned with other people’s feelings that they may refuse to make their thoughts known or to take any duly earned credit for their contributions. And they often downplay their efforts entirely when they think that they could have done some minor aspect of a task better.
Taking Things Personally – Although they might try to hide it, people with this personality type are deeply sensitive to others’ opinions, and they can be thrown off-balance if someone doesn’t appreciate, approve of, or agree with them. When they encounter criticism or disagreement – even if it’s well intentioned – Defenders may feel as if they’re experiencing a personal attack.
Repressing Their Feelings – Private and reserved, Defenders tend to internalize their feelings, particularly negative ones. This can create misunderstandings in their relationships. Eventually, all of their repressed feelings and resentments may boil over in a sudden, uncharacteristic outburst of frustration.
Overcommitted – Defenders’ dutifulness can create situations where they are overwhelmed but unwilling to relax their standards or ask for help. As a result, Defender personalities may suffer silently, trying to do everything themselves, even when it’s simply impossible.
Reluctant to Change – Defenders are among the personality types that struggle the most with change. Breaking with tradition isn’t easy for Defenders, who place great value on history and precedent. Even when change is necessary, they may wait until the situation reaches a breaking point before altering course.
Too Altruistic – Defenders’ giving, generous nature can leave them vulnerable to being taken advantage of by others. It can be hard for people with this personality type to rock the boat and stand up to someone who isn’t pulling their own weight.
I believe that people develop little by little throughout their lives. They pick up habits, beliefs and behaviors, they learn. They learn to love, like, dislike, and accept or reject attitudes and adjustments that fit into their own personal realities. Whether they are right or wrong it all becomes one’s choice to be who they are or who they chose or choose to become. I believe that we all are born into this world as innocent children without any specific direction. But only that of our chosen parents who may or may have not been taught the right or wrong way of making good and wise choices along the way. I believe that we were brought into the world to be genuine, loving, giving, caring, honest, and just all around good people. But maybe along the way our realities became broken and shattered dreams in some way or another. Thus causing some to make unwise or unhealthy decisions that have led them down a road or roads of imminent darkened destruction. Once lost along their way they become hard and calloused in every way. Weather it be from childhood abuse, traumas, mental, emotional and or physical abuse such as rape, or being beat down by the words of a person or person’s they thought loved them. It all causes one to feel empty inside, lost alone, insecure, rejected and unaccepted by the world that they thought they could trust in. In that they find ways to escape and numb themselves whether it be through drugs and alcohol or one of the many other addictions that there are.
This brings me to Freud’s thoughts on “The former may be present without the latter”. I feel like how Frued encouraged his client’s to talk about their emotions is an important part of the healing process as one’s past experiences can be connected to their current problems as such they have repressed emotions from those experiences. Therefore causing unconscious behaviors that are now present in their current life problems. I like that Carl Rogers Person Centered Therapy touches on being non-directive in that the client directs the treatment process because they are capable of invoking change within themselves. As with Rollo May’s Gestalt Therapy the counselor helps their client’s to feel more whole and complete by working through pain, past situations, their future, and their emotions. Cognitive behavioral therapy and Behavioral Therapy I feel are closely connected to my considerations towards adult populations in the way that they both look at changing one’s learned behaviors and the feelings, thoughts, and emotions tied to such behaviors. These are evidenced based approaches that are both effective in a variety of ways and widely used to help client’s to change behavior based on the client’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, and their core beliefs that have caused a wide range of specific problems in their lives. Such as depression, anxiety disorders, alcohol and drug use, marital problems, eating disorders, and even severe mental illness. As Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis said “We can always change our thought process”. “Therefore we can change our behaviors”.
As a counselor I want to provide my client’s with a safe, confidential environment, empathetic and collaborative relation by understanding, unconditionally accepting, being non-judgemental and respectful towards my client’s. I believe that reciprocal trust and respect should be built and maintained throughout the client’s treatment. As with Albert Ellis’s REBT Theory at times without any transference on my part as the counselor, I would like to be able to disclose examples in my own life in order to show my client how I may have experienced similar problems, and how I was able to solve those problems. Thus being totally genuine during the client’s treatment process. It is important that I keep my boundaries known as the counselor and not a friend. I will keep my personal integrity intact, and by keeping my boundaries this shows my client’s what limits I have and how they should interact with me. Thus being respectful of myself as their counselor and, in turn, I will continue to be respectful of who my client’s are.
Some key concepts, goals, and techniques that I have adopted in my integrated approach are first from Adlerian Theory, where an individual’s behaviors are explored. “What we believe causes behaviors”. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, how a client thinks, feels, and acts, and how they all interact together, specifically our thoughts determine our feelings and our behaviors. I will help my client’s to gain insight into their distorted or irrational thought patterns and to change the behaviors associated with them. As with Behavioral Therapy the classical and operant conditioning, positive and negative reinforcement and focus of the therapeutic goal to modify or eliminate maladaptive learned behaviors to acquire new healthier ways of behaving. It is important to me that my client’s know that learned behaviors can be unlearned behaviors and to help them to identify their thoughts and behaviors that are not productive or that are having an undesirable impact in their lives. It seems it is effective with clients who have a substance use disorder since there are often specific, learned behaviors and or triggers associated with those behaviors of client’s that are using substances.
Some contributions of my integrated approach with multicultural populations are that as the counselor I will listen well and be sensitive to and accepting of any multicultural components of my clients (e.g., race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation). Thus being better equipped to form rapport by understanding my client’s cultural elements and also by choosing respectful ways to communicate that are less likely to be dismissed or misinterpreted.
In general some considerations/limitations that I can see within my integrated approach are that behavioral theories are a learned process and take time, and determining certain behaviors that fit scenarios come with trial and error. CBT is brief and time limited which respects the power within each individual to positively influence his or her own future, but may not always be conclusive to a very wide range of clientele. Although it does focus on the uniqueness of each client, and empowers the client while looking at the clients progress from their own perspective. REBT recognizes that not all clients will be willing to work on their problems and some may lack the emotional or cognitive levels needed for REBT to be successful.
I see my integrated approach working with SUD because it is widely used in addiction treatment services today by providing incentives for them to remain abstinent and helping them to engage, modify their specific attitudes and behaviors related to their drug use, and increase their life skills needed to handle current stressful circumstances using their new and healthy learned behaviors. Thus becoming successful at their recovery. The client will be action oriented thus changing the way they think, feel, act, react, and do things currently in their life. Working with each client as they focus on their therapeutic goals they have set for themselves. A goal will be to modify or eliminate the maladaptive behaviors that each client displays, while helping them to acquire new healthier ways of behaving. Unproductive actions must be replaced with productive ways of responding to situations in a new way. (Problem solving) helping the client become aware of any unproductive patterns by helping them to restructure and or reframe their thoughts, and behaviors. By relearning positive ways of thinking, feeling, acting, and responding to their new life in recovery. I will encourage my clients to continue to persist in making an effort to achieve their goals, and learn to take responsibility for their emotions while teaching them the methods to do so. A strong part of the clients change process is their willingness to be mindful, and to reflect on his or her thinking and take the appropriate actions. My clients’ awareness will be a key element in their change process.