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Research the top five injuries from a category of your choice. For example, categories you could select include workplace injuries, accidents, preventable injuries, or general injuries in the United States. Make sure your selection is related to public health. Based on your selection, you will create a brochure to educate your community about injuries. 
For this assignment:

Outline the top five injuries and why they commonly occur
Detail how the injuries affect public health
Explain ways to avoid these injuries

Be sure to include a reference list in current APA Style of all sources used. 
Be creative with your brochure. This is not a paper or essay. Feel free to include images, graphs, charts, or any other design element of your choosing. You can use software of your choice to create the brochure. For example, you can complete the brochure as a PDF, a Word document, an infographic, or any other visual that works for the content of this assignment. A few examples of free software that can help you are Adobe Spark, Canva, Flipbuilder, and Lucidpress. You do not have to use any of these sites; rather, they are meant to provide you with options for creating your brochure. 
The finished product should be converted and turned in as a PDF or Word file for grading purposes.