Please take notes during group presentations. choose one group’s

Assignment Overview:
Please take notes during group presentations. Choose one group’s project to reflect upon. Think about what we have spoken about in class. Does this advertisement or work of art resonate with you in some way? Discuss your perspective – perhaps it is different from the way the group analyzed this public imagery.
Write at least 1.5 doubled-spaced pages prepared with one-inch margins.12-point font in either Times/Times New Roman must be used. MLA formatting is required. Any source must be properly cited and include a works cited page. Be advised, that although this submission is not subject to Turn-It-In anti-plagiarism software. A failure to comply with the University’s Policy on Academic Integrity will result in the issuing of a zero and the work-in-question will then undergo a review by Student Conduct. See the Student Handbook for details.
Presentation ppt is below: