Three-four pages
      Goal is to have the intended audience be able to understand the purpose and basic facts of the brief within 30 seconds by perusing:
o   Title
o   Introduction or executive summary
o   Headings
o   Graphics
o   Bullets
      Write with an audience-centered approach
o   Whos my intended audience?
o   What do they need to know?
o   What arguments would be most likely to convince them?
      Policy briefs should be fact-based, and unlike blogs or op-eds, they should be written in a neutral tone
      Given their length, they should be narrowly focused on the issue at hand
o   Remember, clear writing requires clear thinking understand the issue and know what message(s) you want to communicate
      Visuals help grab readers attention and can provide a graphic representation of your important points
o   Charts
o   Graphs
o   Tables
o   Pullout quotes
o   Callout boxes
o   Pictures
      Bolding can be an effective way to highlight important points, but only if you dont overuse it  
      Sum up your argument with a concise conclusion